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Musical Notation Transformation is about transforming a customized notation system back to the regular notation system. The customization goes preferably this far that the system gets intuitively understandable but not ambiguous.

The PianoSeesaw notation system meets this challenge by assigning simplified note symbols to an image of keyboard keys.*) This system is readily understandable for children and easy to implement. The students just understand intuitively what the symbols mean. There is no learning required because it is self explaining. During several stages the musical notation transforms smoothly (MNT) and at the end of this process the notation shows the regular staff with treble and bass clef.

The pupils learn to read music effortlessly, so to speak, without noticing it.

Take look at the method here.


*) The first piece though does not provide an image of keyboard keys. It only introduces the PianoSeesaw rhythm notation for black keys.

Musical Notation Transformation – MNT

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